Pedestrian accident lawyer in Las Cruces

If during the accident, you are not driving a motor vehicle (passenger, pedestrian, cyclist, etc.), you will be compensated for the bodily injury you have suffered, except for the inexcusable fault if it has been the exclusive cause of the accident. You, therefore, need an expert like Law Offices of Kenneth G. Egan a Las Cruces personal injury law firm

If you were walking on the road, your right to compensation will be total only if you have not committed any fault causing your injury. Victims, other than motorized land vehicle drivers, are compensated for damage resulting from the injury to their person they have suffered, without being able to oppose their own fault except for their inexcusable fault if it has been the exclusive cause of the accident. Be protected by a Las Cruces pedestrian accident attorney.

The victims referred to in the preceding paragraph, when they are under the age of sixteen or over seventy, or when, whatever their age, they are holders, at the time of the accident, of a title recognizing a permanent disability or disability rate of at least 80%. 100, are, in all cases, compensated for damages resulting from the attacks on their person they have suffered.

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