legal claims following an auto- accident

There are two major types of legal claims that follow an auto- accident and they include personal injury claims and the requests for damage to property. In the event of a fatal car crash, a wrongful death claim may also follow.
What are the basics of the auto accident cases?
The laws that apply to instances of car- accident differ among states. However, in most states the driver at- fault is responsible for all the injuries and damages resulting from the crash. It would be in your best interest to hire an auto accident attorney.
To prove liability in an auto- accident case, the injured person must show the following
A lawful obligation was owed
In the case involving auto- accidents, all the drivers owe a legal duty to other road users i.e. other drivers, passengers, bicyclists, pedestrians to handle their vehicles with a rational standard of caution.
Responsibility was breached
The plaintiff ought to prove that the defendant was negligent in accomplishing the obligation of discretion. The complainant has to proof that the driver violated a traffic rule.
The breach of responsibility caused injuries
The negligence of the driver ought to have been the proximate cause of the auto- accident.
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