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Observance of the rights of the child. A lawyer in Port St Lucie dealing with child custody and trusteeship will monitor all the most important moments concerning the protection of the rights of the child and client. For example, the transfer of sisters and brothers to different persons is not allowed if this is not in the interests of the children themselves. The Law Office of Denise Miller, P.A. area  Port St Lucie family law firm.

The trustees must meet the following requirements: be adults and capable; have high moral and personal qualities; have the ability to perform guardianship and trustee duties; to be able to communicate with the child, to have his consent to custody.

A child who has been placed under guardianship has a network of his own rights to be raised in a foster family and to ensure appropriate conditions of detention. In addition, he continues to receive all social benefits due to him (alimony, benefits, pensions). From the moment guardianship or guardianship is established, the parents (or the persons replacing them) lose their own rights and obligations towards the child. They are no longer advocates for his interests. Hire a Stuart Divorce lawyer.

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