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In law, marriages or spousal relationships are considered a form of financial partnership. When a marriage breaks down by divorce or any other customary way, the law may require the individual with higher income or properties to pay maintenance to the other party.
Normally, the parties involved can discuss and agree on the amount of spousal support to be paid. If the parties fail to find an amicable solution, the process may end up in court. In court, the judge will consider some factors, including the financial ability of the obligor (person with higher income) and how much the individual seeking for support requires to meet his/her needs.
However, the process of acquiring spousal support can be faced by many obstacles especially if a proper legal representation is lacking. Getting an attorney who has a background understanding and experience in family law is an added advantage for winning your rightful spousal support. Anton Legal Group is a leading spousal support law firm in Tampa, Florida. The law firm has a proficient team of family law experts who can assist you to navigate the complex process of acquiring your rightful spousal support. With Anton Legal Group, you can get all issues relating to spousal support and other family law matters addressed effectively and efficiently.

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